Real-life husband and wife duo, Damien Fahey and Grasie Mercedes, co-write and star in EGG DAY. Based on their real-life experience, EGG DAY is a dark comedy short about the egg retrieval process during a couple's IVF. Grasie is making her directorial debut and the film co-stars Mindy Cohn of 'The Facts of Life' and George Ketsios. 


My name is Grasie Mercedes and Iā€™m the co-writer and director of EGG DAY. 

My husband, Damien Fahey (Family Guy writer & comedian) and I wrote this short based on our personal experience with IVF. We also star in it together. EGG DAY explores the vastly different experiences men and women have when it comes to becoming pregnant - especially when it comes to In vitro fertilization. The result is a poignant yet funny story that many can relate to, but is rarely depicted on screen. 

Infertility is hard, lonely and can be depressing. We wanted to tell this story so that couples going through this to know they are not alone. I also feel as a woman of color, I needed to share my voice on the subject that is seen as taboo in many Latino & African-American homes. Furthermore, despite the seriousness of the subject matter, we want to also shed light on the funny parts. The absurdities of the process that made us chuckle along the way.